Words Overheard is a place for those with good humor.  A place to unload that crazy conversation you caught a snippet of on the train, or post that crazy racial slur your grandma dropped at Thanksgiving.  We live, breathe, and listen for all things ridiculous in this world–because life is too short not to enjoy the small stuff.

Everyone has had a ridiculous conversation catch their ear one or twice, but for us it happens on a daily basis.  We invite you to share those conversations, outbursts, and remarks that catch your ear day-to-day, not in an effort to make others feel embarrassed, but to embrace those funny moments that might break up a hard work day, that text message your mom attempted to sound cool in, or that mandatory family gathering that you really could have done without.  Those little gems that make you question if the person existing in your vicinity has learned the English language appropriately.  Those visual beauties to behold that make you wonder what chromosomes separate you from them.  Those nonsensical one-liners from “that guy” in your group chat.

Send us your ridiculous overheard conversations via our “contact us” page, or email us at WordsOverheard2016@gmail.com.  Please include your first name, location (city & state, or even country), date, and where you heard it (i.e. work, school, grocery store, text from grandma, etc.).

We don’t really know how to blog, or how to work a website, we are just two best friends trying to seek out and share life’s laughable moments, and we encourage you to do the same.

Happy listening!

–Ashley and Devon